Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Reaching out: Touching You...Touching Me

So I just did something. And I'm not sure if I am crossing lines. But I had to.

I am a part of a website that let's me find nanny and babysitting jobs. I have been a nanny for five years, love it, and will continue to use the website, as it has helped me find so many great jobs and allows for security.

I get emails every day from the site that tell me about families in the area looking for a reliable and dependable babysitter. Not only do I take care of average kids, I am also a special needs caretaker.

As I was looking at one of today's update emails, I saw a mom looking for a summer babysitter. She was listed under the special needs category, but as I read her post, I saw this child wasn't special needs, he was a diabetic! I had never thought about it before. But I guess it is a special need. I wanted to apply for the job so badly. I am dying to be around kids with diabetes so I can have the introspection. But, it just didn't fit into the times I have available for summer.

But I didn't care. I felt like I needed to write to this mom. Here's what I said:


My name is Charli Morris. I, unfortunately, cannot apply for the position, because I have other jobs I have accepted that cover those times. But, even so, I wanted to write you a quick note.

I saw that your son has Type 1 diabetes. First of all, let me say how sorry I am and that I know that it's a struggle. I also have T1. I have been recently diagnosed. I know lots of diabetics and lots of moms of T1 kids and I know it is not easy. My heart and thoughts go out to you in the health of your little boy.

I also wanted to let you know you are not alone. Since I have been diagnosed, I have found what's called the Diabetic Online Community. It is wonderful. We are on Twitter, and Facebook, and if you google diabetes blogs, you will be AMAZED at how many come up. I talk to diabetics, literally all over the world, every day. And it helps. It helps get us through things and it helps answer our questions. I want to let you know about it so that, if you don't have support, you will now.

I know this isn't what you wanted in response to your advertisement to child care. And I apologize if I've crossed any boundaries. But I want every one to know about this incredible community so that we can continue to reach out and help as many of us as possible.

I will keep you and your son in my thoughts and will hope for the best of health.

Take care and good luck in your search!

-Charli Morris

I hope she isn't offended. But I know how much the DOC helps me on a daily basis. And if that email can even help with a happy feeling in her heart, it was worth the embarrassment or possibly offending her.

I love you DOC. I will never be able to show my gratitude enough for the insight, love, acceptance, happiness, and strength you have all given me.


  1. i love that you did that! hopefully she'll be open to investigating what's out there.

  2. I love that you did that! Way to reach out and pull others into the fold. :)

  3. if i received an email like that, i'd be really appreciative. :)