Thursday, August 9, 2012

A small rememberance of something more solid

 James! Our Youngest Camper!

 First Night Counselors!


 Driving to Camp.

 We have a TV!!!

 Our Dining area in the Cabin.


 It's like an infantry

 My Bed

 Indoor Plumbing Rocks

 Two showers for 18 Girls? Uh OK.

 Chantz & Parker

 Waiting for Counselors

 Welcome Cabin 8 Girls!

 Getting ready!

 I'm pretty!

 My Kick Ass Co-Counselor, Jana

 Cory thinks he's hot.

 Ashley, one of my favorite sassy girls

 Andrea, who's allerigc to everything.

 Molly. Boy CRAZY

 Hanging out first night.

 Pranks on the little boys.

 They were so mad. Apparently Cooties were on high alert.

 7 year olds hate this!

 Most likely to lose his shirt.

 My girls surrounding Mr. Peek-A-Boo.

 The Worst Volleyball Game. Ever.

 A Stupid Dare.



 They are so Pretty.

 We did a great job!

 They hated us.

 Still angry.

 me and Jana are hot.
 Cory and I.

 I like to feel up my ladies.


 Cedz and I.

 Isn't he just the prettiest!?

 Our handsome Girls.

 I heart this kid.

 Diabetics get thirsty in the woods.

 Diet Soda Rocks.

 Pick Up Lines.


 Nothing Comes close to the Ones Who Dose!

 Diabetes Rap. <3 Jacob

 Cedz and Corey.

 I love my Cedric.

 Like lighters at a rock show. Pump lights.

Only at Diabetes Camp. These people are my heros. :)