Tuesday, January 10, 2012

My Diabetes is Flaring Up

Before I knew I had diabetes, there were a lot of signs that added up to diabetes, but I wasn't calculating them for one reason or another. If you're a non-diabetic, I meand you have 2+ of these signs, go get an at-home test from the drugstore or have your doctor check you. It could save your life.

Excessive thirst and appetite
-Meaning, you can't get through the night without something to drink. You don't stop drinking water, soda, tea, coffee, really anything that that is liquid to get over your dryness. Also, you never stop eating. I couldn't go for more than 30 minutes without something to eat.

Increased Urination
-You will probably attribute this to the increased thirst, but it would happen even if you don't drink something. With this, you run risk for dehydration, especially when sick.

Unusual Weightloss or Gain
-This one is almost funny to me because I thought I was dropping weight because of eating healthy and exercising a little bit. I thought it was so cool that I could drop 85 pounds without an eating disorder. Oops.

- I have to admit, I slept better than I had ever slept in my life. Even after I had been "treated" for my Type 2 Diabetes, which I didn't have in the first place.

Nausea, perhaps vomiting
-This one didn't happen to me much, except when I got headaches. I was treated for Migraines by a local doctor and sent home.

Blurred Vision
-My vision in my left eye sucks any way, so no change there. But my right eye would go through periods of blurriness, which saw multiple doctors for and all of them said it was normal as a part of aging. Got reading glasses and was sent home.

Yeast Infections
-Over share? Maybe. But I had never had a yeast infection in my life and I got nervous I wasn't taking care of myself. Got checked for STD's, had a pap, and was sent home with simple instructions.

Dry Mouth
-Comes with the thirst thing. This was increased when I would smoke cigarettes or marijuana. Thought it was "cottonmouth." So I just had another glass of water.

Slow Healing Sores or Cuts
-I noticed I would have a zit, cold sore, or cut for two months at a time. Bruises would take two weeks to go away and longer to not hurt any more. I thought it was my prescription meds because a doctor told me once that can happen.

Itching Skin: Especially in Vaginal or Groin Area
-I itched all the friggin time! I felt like a male soccer player who refused to wear a cup. Tim would actually make fun of me some times and hit my hand if he caught me.

Tingling In Hands, Feet, or Vagina:
-Weirdest sensation ever. Kind of like feeling "asleep," but just constant. I actually told a coworker/friend that my hands wouldn't stop tingling and he said, do you have diabetes? I feel like such an asshole for ignoring this comment. But of course, I can't change anything, so I'm sure I'll forgive myself one day. In my vagina, it actually felt like small vibrations like my cell phone was in my lap and would go off or the the bass in the car was too heavy. I tried adjusting my settings on my car and my phone. I was so naive.

I think that's it. I looked on Mayo Clinic and WebMD sites to find this information, an incorporated my own experiences.

I apologize that you have to know some of these things about me, but if it can help even one person get checked out, I don't care who knows it.

SHOULD THESE SYMPTOMS CONTINUE AFTER YOU ARE DIAGNOSED, do not hesitate to ask your doctor to run more tests. He may be treating you with the wrong medicine, or even worse, for the wrong type of diabetes. The medicine that they put me on for Type 2 diabetes really hurt my endocrine system in a way that I won't go into in online media. So if you think you have been misdiagnosed or that you have misinformation, see a new doctor immediately. I can't emphasize enough to not ignore your symptoms and your body, or you could end up a lot more damaged than you want to be or need to be.

The End.



  1. I had frequent UTIs... I was told that was normal for a diabetic, too.

  2. And kind of infections and UTI's are normal. But don't let them get out of control and check with your doctor if they do.

  3. That's a great list. Thanks for sharing it. I would add mood swings, dizziness, a drunk feeling, and bouts of hypoglycemia, (which make you feel shaky, irritable, intolerant of noise, and may cause a headache).

    My glucose problems started out as PCOS when I was 12 and increasing bouts of hypoglycemia through my 20s. For years, I was in an in-between state, constantly roller coastering between low and high blood sugars. It eventually crossed over to full-blown diabetes with my blood glucose staying high until I started taking medication and altering my diet. Luckily, I was put on Metformin early on. Looking back, health care professionals also would have missed it if I hadn't purchased a glucometer and started testing it myself. In fact, I went through a ton of horrid doctors who didn't understand PCOS or early diabetes.

    Anyway, I highly recommend that anyone with these symptoms not only see a health care professional but also test their blood glucose at home as treating it early can prevent complications. It's less than $20.00 for a glucometer at Walmart and 100 strips are only $17.00.

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